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Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentences

Plural Nouns

The easiest way to make a singular noun plural is to add “s.” 

Singular                                    Plural

dog                                            dogs

lake                                            lakes

Exception #1: Add “es” to a noun ending in “s,” “x,” “z,” “ch,” or “sh.”

Singular                                    Plural

kiss                                            kisses

mix                                             mixes

quiz                                            quizzes

church                                       churches

bush                                           bushes

Exception #2: Add “ies” to a noun ending in a consonant plus “y.”

Singular                                      Plural

city                                              cities

story                                           stories

Exception #3: Some plural nouns are irregular, and you have to memorize them. Here are some examples:

Singular                                   Plural

foot                                           feet

life                                            lives

Exception #4: Some nouns sound plural, but they are actually singular.

Mathematics is my favorite subject.

The local news is covering the story tonight.

The team is meeting for pizza after the game.

Exception #5: Some plural nouns seem like singular items, but they actually take a plural verb.

My jeans are frayed and dirty.

My glasses are foggy.