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Grammar, Punctuation, and Sentences

Count and Non-Count Nouns

Countable nouns are people, places, and things that can be counted.

two books                                  ten bracelets

five cookies                               twenty chairs

Non-count nouns usually cannot be counted and lack a plural form.

Knowledge is power.                 Your jewelry is beautiful.

Cheese is delicious.                   The furniture is comfortable.

Adjective use in using count vs. non-countable nouns:

“Many” vs. “Much”

Use many” for count nouns and much” for non-count nouns.

I bought too many apples.         I ate too much food.

I have too many assignments.   I have too much homework.

“A Few” vs. “A Little”  (or “A Lot of”)

Use “a few” for count nouns and “a little” or “a lot of” for non-count nouns.

I printed a few copies.               I used a little ink.

I bought a few pencils.              I bought a lot of school supplies.