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Quick Links

Access Article Databases

For EWU article databases...

All of our databases may be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet, with your NetID username and password. (This username/password is the same one that you used to initially set up your EWU email account.) Your username is the first letter of your first name, your last name, and the last 2 digits of your EWU ID number.

If you have not created your password, go to See NetID Account for more information. For questions about your EWU ID number, contact IT Help Desk.

Starting your research? Try these databases first!

These article databases are good places to begin your research, or when you just need some articles on your topic.

In-Depth Research

Not happy with the results from the databases above? Want to go more in-depth on your issue?

Find Full-Text Articles in Databases

When you are searching in one of the library databases and the article in question isn't available full text right there, look for this icon Check for Full Text iconor a hyperlink that says EWU - Check for Full Text.

Clicking the Check for Full Text button in the databases brings up a screen like this one...

 Check for Full Text screen

If the article is available online, it will say Full text available at:[link to database]. In the example above, the article is available in Sage Premier and the years of coverage is also listed.  When you click on the database link, another window will open and bring you into that resource to find the full text of the article.  *Note: Sometimes if the article is available from a journal vendor (like the example above), then the link may not bring you to the full text.  Instead, it will drop you on the top page of the journal's home page and you have to find the article using the citation information (volume, issue & page number).

If the article is not available full text electronically, it will say "No full text available.  Being a distance education or online patron, you won't be able to access the print version of the article in person.  In this case, or if the article isn't available via EWU at all, then follow the steps below to request it via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Use the Request Using Interlibrary Loan link on either the View Online tab or the Find in a Library tab.

Get Materials EWU Does Not Own?

In order to get materials that EWU does not own (or you don't have access to them because you are not physically near the EWU campus) you will need to request them using our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service.  

For an article citation you find in one of our databases (most common):

  • Click on the Check for Full-Text link in the database.  It will lead you into our library catalog and show you whether it’s available or not (under the View Online tab).
  • If you couldn’t find the article available full-text electronically, then click on the link that says Request this Article using InterLibrary Loan.
  • Log into the ILL system using your NetID. 
  • After you log-in, you’ll see the ILL request form.  The citation information should automatically be imported from the database for you.  Be sure all starred (required) fields are filled in and your contact information is correct before submitting your request.
  • Your article requests are usually made available to you electronically (PDF document).

If you have a citation to an article, book or other item, and you know that we don’t own it, then you can go directly into our ILL system to request the materials.

  • Log into our ILL system.
  • Click on the InterLibrary Loan Requests category (if it isn't already open).
  • Click on the Create Request link.
  • Follow the directions and then submit your request.
  • *Click on the Account Details tab & check to make sure your address is correct.  We want to make sure you get your items if we have to physically ship something to you.

Still have questions about the status of your Interlibrary Loan items?  Go to our ILL guide or contact the EWU Interlibrary Loan department directly at 509-359-2492 or via E-mail [].