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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries


Subject Headings

Browsing the catalog for music? Get started with the following subject headings:

double bass music | sonatas (double bass) | concertos (double bass) | double bass and piano music | double bass -- orchestral excerpts | trios (double bass) | string quartets (double bass) | quartets (double bass)quintets (double bass) | double bass -- studies and exercises

To specify some or all instruments for multi-instrument works, include them in parentheses, e.g.: trios (piano, flute, cello); quintets (trumpet, trombone)

Looking for a specific format, like sheet music, CD, or book? Use the menu to the left of search results to limit your results to that format. 

Audition Excerpts

Call Numbers

Sheet Music

One Instrument

​M55 - M58: Solo Double bass

Two Instruments

M229 - M233: Solo double bass with piano accompaniment

M286 - M287: Two bowed instruments

M290 - M291: One bowed instrument, one wind instrument

M294 - M295: One wind instrument, one bowed instrument

Three Instruments

M310 - M314: Piano, two bowed instruments

M320 - M324: Piano, one bowed instrument, one wind instrument

M330 - M334: Piano, one wind instrument, one bowed instrument

M349 - M353: Three bowed instruments 

M360 - M364: Three bowed and wind instruments (various combinations)

M370 - M374: Three bowed and plucked instruments (various combinations

Four Instruments

M450 - M452: String quartets

More than Four Instruments

Call numbers for instrumental music relate to instrumentation - call numbers for quintets (M500), sextets (M600), septets (M700), octets (M800), and nonets (M900) will follow similar instrumentation outlined in the M300 groupings. 


M360 - M364 = Three bowed and wind instruments (various)

M460 - M464 = Four bowed and wind instruments (various)

M560 - M564 = Five bowed wind instruments (various) 

Orchestral Accompaniment

M1018: Double bass with orchestra (full scores, piano reductions)

M1118: Double bass with string orchestra (full scores, piano reductions)


ML128.D6: Double bass bibliographies

ML920 - ML925: General books about the double bass (history, criticism, construction, music)

Studies & Methods

MT320 - MT334: Technique, teaching pieces, orchestral studies, etc.

Professional Organizations