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Ielleen Miller
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Subject Headings

Browsing the catalog for music? Get started with the following subject headings:

harp music | sonatas (harp) | concertos (harp) | suites (harp) | harp and piano music | harp -- orchestral excerpts | trios (harp) | quartets (harp) 

To specify some or all instruments for multi-instrument works, include them in parentheses, e.g.: trios (piano, flute, cello); quintets (trumpet, trombone)

Looking for a specific format, like sheet music, CD, or book? Use the menu to the left of search results to limit your results to that format. 

Call Numbers

Sheet Music

One Instrument

​M115 - M119: Solo harp

Two Instruments

M272 - M273: Harp with piano accompaniment

M292 - M293: Two plucked instruments

M294 - M295: One bowed and one plucked instrument

M296 - M297: One wind and one plucked instrument

Three Instruments

M325 - M329: Piano, two plucked instruments

M330 - M334: Piano, one bowed instrument, one plucked instrument

M335 - M339: Piano, one wind instrument, one plucked instrument

M365 - M369: Three plucked instruments

M370 - M374: Three bowed and plucked instruments

M375 - M379: Three wind and plucked instruments

M380 - M384: Three bowed, wind, and plucked instruments

More than Three Instruments

Call numbers for instrumental music relate to instrumentation - call numbers for quartets (M400), quintets (M500), sextets (M600), septets (M700), octets (M800), and nonets (M900) will follow similar instrumentation outlined in the M300 groupings. 


M370 - M374 = Three bowed and plucked instruments (various combinations)

M470 - M474 = Four bowed and plucked instruments (various combinations)

M570 - M574 = Five bowed and plucked instruments (various combinations) 

Orchestral Accompaniment

M1036 - M1037: Harp with orchestra (full scores, two-piano versions)

M1136 - M1137: Harp with string orchestra (full scores, two-piano versions)


ML128.H3:  Harp bibliographies

ML1005 - ML1008: General books about the harp (history, criticism, construction, music)

Studies & Methods

MT540 - MT557: Technique, teaching pieces, orchestral studies, etc.

Professional Organizations