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Subject Headings

Browsing the catalog for music? Get started with the following subject headings:

percussion music | marimba music | snare drum music | glockenspiel music | timpani music | xylophone musicpercussion ensembles | sonatas (percussion) | concertos (percussion) | percussion and piano music | percussion -- orchestral excerpts | trios (percussion) | quartets (percussion) | quintets (percussion) | percussion -- studies and exercises | drum set -- studies and exercises | jazz -- instruction and study | marching bands | marching percussion 

To narrow your results to a specific instrument, replace the term "percussion" in any of the above subject headings with any instrument (marimba, snare drum, etc.). For example, "percussion -- studies and exercises" --> "marimba -- studies and exercises"

To specify some or all instruments for multi-instrument works, include them in parentheses, e.g.: trios (piano, flute, cello); quintets (trumpet, trombone)

Looking for a specific format, like sheet music, CD, or book? Use the menu to the left of search results to limit your results to that format. 

Call Numbers

Sheet Music

Solo Works 

M146: Drum(s) (including timpani) for one performer

M147: Bells, glockenspiel, etc. for one performer

M175.X6: Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone for one performer

M284: Works for one performer with piano accompaniment (collections)

M284.B4: Bells

M284.C94: Cymbals

M284.D8: Drums

M284.G65: Glockenspiel

M284.P4: Percussion

M284.T5: Timpani

M284.X9: Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone

M285: Works for one performer with piano accompaniment (separate works)

M285.B4: Bells

M285.C94: Cymbals

M285.D8: Drums

M285.G65: Glockenspiel

M285.P4: Percussion

M285.T5: Timpani

M285.X9: Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone

Ensemble Works (various instrument combinations)

​M298: Duets

M340 - M344: Trios with piano

M385: Trios without piano

M445 - M449: Quartets with piano

M485: Quartets without piano

M545 - M549: Quintets with piano

M585: Quintets without piano

M645 - M649: Sextets with piano

M685: Sextets without piano

M745 - M749: Septets with piano

M785: Septets without piano

M845 - M849: Octets with piano

M885: Octets without piano

M945 - M949: Nonets with piano

M985: Nonets without piano

Orchestral Accompaniment

M1038 - M1039: Percussion with orchestra (full scores, piano reductions)

M1138 - M1139: Percussion with string orchestra (full scores, piano reductions)


ML102.P4: Percussion dictionaries and encyclopedias

ML128.P23: Percussion bibliographies

ML1030: General books about percussion

ML1035: Drums/drum set

Ml1036: Timpani

ML1038: Percussion instruments, organized alphabetically

ML1039: Bells, carillons, gongs, chimes, etc.

ML1048: Marimba, vibraphone, marimba, etc.

ML1049: All other percussion instruments

Studies & Methods

MT655 - MT656: General technique, etudes, orchestral studies, etc.

MT660: Timpani

MT662: Drums (bass, snare, etc.)

MT663: Bongo drums, conga drums


MT719: Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone

Professional Organizations