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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

Technical Communication 404 / English 504

Instructions & Procedures, For Dr. Kate Crane

Population/Demographic Resources

When creating your personas, it would help to research EWU students, so that the personas better represent large groups of students. How old are most EWU students? What is their background? What are they majoring in?

  • Some institutions do collect and share demographic data, such as EWU and our students. 
  • Federal, state and local government agencies collect and share demographic data down to the city level, so you can find out about Spokane City or Spokane County. 


Local & Regional

National Level Resources

Full Text Reports

Below are collections of user surveys and (mainly) national-level statistics. 

Articles Discussing User Trends???

Many organizations do study users, but they don't share their findings for free. Magazine and newspaper articles may report on such studies and give you enough information, or academics may write up their research on user behavior.