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Research Guides

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Anthropology 350: World Archaeology

Finding and using images

Examples of Citing Images

Elements for a Citation

  1. Photographer's name - if anonymous or unknown, then start with the title, then date
  2. Date of the photograph - if it is unknown, put (n.d.)
  3. Title of the photograph - look for a title in the tags, or in the name of the file. If there is no descriptive title, then include a description of the work in brackets, starting with Photograph of
  4. Source name and URL of the photograph - the name of the database or website where you retrieved it, and the URL

APA 7th Style Examples

Photograph from Artstor, known photographer

Bischof, W. (1954). PERU Machu Picchu 1954 [Photograph]. Artstor. 

Photograph from Artstor, unknown photographer

Machu Picchu: General view [Photograph]. (n.d.). Artstor.

Photograph with no title, from a website

Argenton, R. (2011). [Photograph looking down on Machu Picchu and lots of tourists]. Wikimedia Commons.