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Library Workshop - APA Style 7th Edition (In-text Citations & References)

This page serves as a guide for our APA 7th Edition Workshop instruction.

APA Style Workshop --- Become an APA Master

Workshop Learning Outcomes

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the importance of citing sources of information
  • Identify four basic elements of APA references
  • Construct correct references for a book/ebook, a journal article, and a webpage
  • Format and order a reference list
  • Create accurate in-text citation

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduce the APA Style 7th edition
  • Explain the four basic elements of a reference
  • Demonstrate how to build correct references for a book/ebook, a journal article , and a webpage
  • Elaborate the steps to create a reference list
  • Show how to format in-text citations
  • Practice hands-on exercises throughout the workshop

Hands-on Exercises --- Workshop Instruction

Topic 1: What is plagiarism?

Topic 2: Why do you need citation style? 

Topic 3: What are the four basic elements of a reference citation?

Hands-on Practice 1 – Four Elements

Topic 4: How do you cite a book?

Hands-on Practice 2 – Book/eBook

Topic 5: How do you cite a journal article? 

Hands-on Practice 3 – Journal Article

Topic 6: How do you cite a web page?

Hands-on Practice 4 – Web Page

Topic 7: How tdo you format a reference list?

Hands-on Practice 5 – References List

Topic 8: How do you format an in-text citation?

Hands-on Practice 6 – In-Text Citation