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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

BFA Thesis & Research


This section of the research guide supports BFA students in locating credible articles on contemporary artists, using primarily electronic resources available through the EWU Libraries and resources freely-available on the internet.

Refer to Canvas for assignment requirements (links to Canvas section for Fall 2021 assignments).

Below you will find suggestions for evaluating your sources for credibility and appropriateness, suggested places to search for credible articles, and lists of credible journals and magazines with articles about contemporary artists.

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with me to request assistance with research for your assignments.  My email address is or message me through Canvas.

Best of luck with your assignment!

Rose Krause, Librarian for Art

Evaluating Sources

For the purposes of your assignment, you need to find credible articles about contemporary artists.  In order to assess credibility, ask yourself the following questions about the source you're evaluating:

  1. Does the creator (author and/or publisher) have experience or expertise?
    • Experience (working as an artist)
    • Academic expertise
    • Curatorial expertise
  2. What is the purpose or objective of the author and the publisher of the resource?

In addition to assessing credibility, also double-check that the resource is appropriate to the topic or assignment.  Does it meet requirements for currency (in other words, how old can an article be?) and for length (how long, in general, should the article be?).

Journals and Magazines with Articles on Contemporary Artists

Video demonstration of how to browse for credible articles in the publications listed below (opens in my Canvas site; you may need to "enroll" in the site to access the video)

Listed below are art journals and magazines featuring credible articles on contemporary artists (note not all titles are available through EWU Libraries' databases; some may be available freely on the internet):

Journal/Magazine Title Availability through EWU Library Availability Elsewhere
Afterimage EBSCOhost (indexing and full text:  1996-present)  
Aperture (photography)

JSTOR (full text: 1952 to last 2 years [ie, 2018] [Vol. 1, No. 1-No. 233])

In Print at JFK Library (Lower Level Periodicals TR1 .A62: 1972-2020)

Apollo In Print at JFK Library (Main Level Periodical   N1 .A255:  1961-2020)  
Art Journal

EBSCOhost (full text: 1974 to present; indexing:  1985-present)

JSTOR (full text:  1960 to most recent 4 years)

Art News

In Print at JFK Library (Main Level Periodical   N1 .A6:  1942-present)

EBSCOhost (indexing:  1984-present)

Art Papers


Art Review   Website

In Print at JFK Library (Main Level Periodical   N1 .A814:  1981-current)

EBSCOhost (indexing:  1993-present)

Art in America EBSCOhost (full text:  2002-present; indexing: 1984-present)  
Blind Spot (Photography)    
Ceramics Monthly EBSCOhost (full text and indexing:  2011-present)  
e-flux   Website
Hi Fructose Record in Primo, but no link in View It (troubleshoot link issue) Website
Juxtapoz In Print at JFK Library (Main Level Periodical   N6512.5.P79 J89: 2007-present)  

EBSCOhost (full text:  1997-most recent 12 months; indexing: 1997-present)

JSTOR (1976 - Most recent 7 years)

Third Text EBSCOhost (full text:  2002-Most recent 18 months; indexing: 2002-present)  
Sculpture Magazine In Print at JFK Library (Main Level Periodical   NB1 .S38:  1996-2020)  


A more exhaustive list of Visual Arts and Art Education titles is available on the Art Research Guide (note that the list is specific to titles available through the EBSCOhost Academic Search Ultimate database).

Search the Library Catalog for Articles on Contemporary Artists

Use the EWU Library catalog to search across multiple journal and magazine titles to find articles from credible art publications.

Watch the video demonstration for tips on how to search and assess the results list in the Library catalog [Note:  Video currently being uploaded as of 10/2/2021] (the video lives on my Canvas site, so you may be prompted to "enroll" to access the video)

Websites with Articles on Artists

Many museums and galleries include information about contemporary artists on their websites.  Below are links to museums and and other entities that provide substantial textual information about artists on their websites.

For living artists, search for gallery websites that have exhibited the artist's work or that may represent the artist.

Use the same criteria to evaluate website articles for credibility and appropriateness as described above.

Search Google Scholar for Articles on Contemporary Artists

Evaluation of Research Guide and Video Tutorials

Please complete an evaluation in Survey Monkey that tells me what went well and didn't go well in the video tutorials and on the research guide.  The survey is anonymous and has nothing to do with your performance in this course.

Student survey link:

Instructor survey link:

Thank you for your feedback!