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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

The "All Red Event": Eastern's Red Reese Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

A guide giving information about the Red Reese Wikipedia article creation event hosted at Eastern's JFK Library this February, and providing resources to be used at the event.

Primary Sources: Yearbooks

EWU Yearbooks.  1903-1971.

Primary Sources: Newspaper Articles

Many newspapers have been digitized and are available through the Google News Archive.  Use the following search strings in a Google search box to retrieve results from the News Archive (the "" tells the Google search engine the specific site to search, ie, the Google News Archive site):

  • "red reese"
  • "william reese"
  • reese eastern washington
  • reese washington state college

Selected newspaper articles from regional newspapers:


"Cheney Squad Gets Revision," Spokesman-Review, 2/6/1940, p. 14,

"Red Reese Promoted to Director of Athletics at Eastern Washington," Spokesman-Review, 3/12/1941, p. 11,

" 'Supers' Coach Keeps Men Fit: 'Red' Reese Organized Sports at 40 Air Bases," Spokesman-Review, 11/16/1944, p. 11,

"Red Reese Coy about 'Switch'," Spokesman-Review, 1/12/1949, p. 10,

"Letter to the Editor: Reese Should Have Been Fired," Spokesman-Review, 6/17/1953, p. 4,

"Red Reese Coached First Shrine Team," Spokesman-Review, 10/23/1958, p. 18,

"Twice over Lightly," Spokesman-Review, 2/23/1960, p. 14, [column re: Reese's 500th coaching victory]

"Red's Banquet Huge Success," Spokesman-Review, 4/28/1964, p. 10,


Spokane Daily Chronicle

"Reese to Coach North Central," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 7/26/1928, p. 1,

"Hal Jones Succeeds Red Reese as Cheney Football Coach: Latter Will Remain as Athletic Head of School," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 6/26/1941, p. 8,

"New Deal in Sports Seen in the Reese Appointment," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 6/11/1942, p. 14,

"Bomber Coach Reese Replaced," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 6/23/1945, p. 8,

"Seattle Quintet to NAIA in 1954", Spokane Daily Chronicle, 3/2/1953, p. 19, [Reese is president of NAIA]

"Four Teams Open Scrap for Kansas City Berth: Eastern is Favorite in NAIA Play-Offs at Cheney," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 3/3/1953, p. 17,

"Hearing is Set in EWC Dispute over Red Reese," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 5/12/1953, p. 1,

"Request for Report Hearing Approved by Faculty Group," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 5/12/1953, p. 5,

"From the Bench by Herb Ashlock," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 7/15/1953, p. 21,

"Heavy on Sports [column]," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 12/11/1958, p. 38,

"Famed Ex-Eastern Coach Red Reese is Dead at 75," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 4/19/1974, p. 10,

"Red Reese a Winner," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 4/22/1974, p. 15,

"Reese Court Ceremony Set," Spokane Daily Chronicle, 9/26/1980, p. 19,


Ellensburg Daily Record

"Red Reese Wins Advancement in Air Force Post," Ellensburg Daily Record, 1/9/1943, p. 6,

"Red Reese Back as Cheney Boss," Ellensburg Daily Record, 10/24/1945, p. 8,

"Red Reese Looks Over Gridders At Cheney Practice," Ellensburg Daily Record, 9/17/1949, p. 6,