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Eastern Washington University Libraries

Education: Curriculum Center at EWU Libraries

Physical and virtual resources for EWU students, faculty and the education community.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:  The Curriculum Center promotes excellence in teaching through the use of quality resources.

Vision Statement: The Curriculum Center is a physical and virtual library where the EWU community explores quality teaching resources.  The Center supports creative and knowledgeable teacher preparation.  The Center is an active learning place where users easily find resources.  The Center promotes multiple approaches of teaching diverse learning styles and abilities.


Values:  The services and resources of the Center demonstrate the value of collaboration, diversity, and accessibility.  The Center promotes methods based on learners’ needs and technologies that enhance learning.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles:

  • Developing the Curriculum Center requires new ideas and methods to achieve the mission.
  • Information and ideas are readily accessible and freely exchanged. Research ideas, national standards, state guidelines, the best of practitioners’ skills, and the changing educational environment are valued.
  • Collaboration with faculty and other users is fundamental for developing critical thinking and information literacy skills in our future teachers.
  • The Center’s services enable users to access and use information and technology effectively for practical teaching strategies.
  • The Center’s services reflect diverse teaching resources; including diversity in accessibility, culture, and learning styles and abilities.
  • The EWU community’s understanding about teaching and learning from preschool through graduate school is enhanced by strategic partnerships.
  • Teaching methods and resources (primarily electronic) that expand the post secondary learning setting are identified in collaboration with the EWU community.
  • While providing specific practical materials for teachers and prospective teachers in the EWU community, the Center is an integral part of EWU Libraries’ services and collections.
  • As a special collection, the Curriculum Center includes resources that are used for teaching while EWU Libraries’ main collections contain a range of materials about teaching and education