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Young Adult Literature: Memoir

Resources for books, reviews, author information, and more.

Memoirs4Teens Blog

Here's a book blog about diversity in memoirs for teens.


What is a memoir


 noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

History or record composed from personal observation and experience. Closely related to autobiography, a memoir differs chiefly in the degree of emphasis on external events. Unlike writers of autobiography, who are concerned primarily with themselves as subject matter, writers of memoir usually have played roles in, or have closely observed, historical events, and their main purpose is describing or interpreting those events. 

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Some of the Curriculum Center's memoirs are in the 921's under the Famous Person's Last Name not the author of the book. Others will be found spread out in our YA and JUV sections.

Keep in mind that since this is Young Adult Memoirs, some of the memoirs will be found on the Upper Level at JFK libraries.  

Online Memoirs

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