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Young Adult Literature: Multicultural Literature

Resources for books, reviews, author information, and more.

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What is Multicultural Literature

"Reading multicultural literature can help children gain a better understanding of people from other countries and ethnic backgrounds. These stories may describe how people live in different parts of the world, or they may portraying how children from different cultural backgrounds live together in the same country. They can be fiction, nonfiction, folk tales, fairy tales, legends, or poetry, but above all they must be accurate and portray characters in positive, non-stereotypical ways."

 (Definition from: Ipl2 Pathfinders:

Suggested Sites

Multicultural Awards and Lists

Children's Litearture Databases with Limiters

Advance Search in Novelist and Novelist K8 allows search by Author's Nationality and Author's Ethnic Idenity.

Andvance Search in library catalog allows keywords and limit to juvenille.

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