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History 332/382: 20th Century Germany

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Useful Words for Finding Primary Sources in Databases/Catalogs

You can search these terms as either keywords or subjects (the latter is typically more accurate & will bring back less search results):  Archives, correspondence, diaries, interviews, letters, manuscripts, maps, memoirs, narratives (i.e. personal), photographs, propoganda, sources, speeches.

Finding Books by Call Number

Call #                     Subject

DD 1-905              History of Germany

DD 1-21                   General

DD 84-257.4             History

DD175-257.4               Modern, 1519

DD217-231                     New Empire, 1871-1918

DD228.8                            Period of World War I, 1914-1918

DD233-257.4                  Revolution and Republic, 1918

DD253-256.8                     Hitler, 1933-1945. National socialism

DD 256                          Period of World War II, 1939-1945

DD258-262               West Germany

DD280-289.5             East Germany

DD301-454                Prussia


  *Note: For a more detailed breakdown of Library of Congress Subject Headings, click here.

Reference Books

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Nazi Germany

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See also: Encyclopedia of Genocide and crimes Against humanity (Gale Virtual Reference Library)


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