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Legislative History Research


Commercial publishers, including law firms, sometimes compile all the legislative history documents for one law into bound volumes or contract with LexisNexis or Westlaw to have them placed online. Usually only major legislation is commercially compiled, and legislative histories for bills that do not become law are rarely compiled.

You need one of the following items to search for a compiled legislative history:

  • United States Code (USC) citation
  • Public law number
  • Popular name of act
  • Statutes at Large citation
  • Bill number of legislation

JFK Sources for Compiled Legislative Histories

To see if the library has a compiled legislative history, try a keyword search in the Library Catalog using key terms from the name of the act. Try adding the phrase, using quotes, "legislative history".

You can also consult the following sources available through the JFK Library which either contain legislative history documents, list the titles of other published legislative histories, or provide complementary background information on legislative activities:

Website for Compiled Legislative Histories