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The Fires of Eastern: Eastern's 2nd Annual Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon



Wednesday, February 15
10:00am to 3:00pm (drop-in event)
Lobby of the JFK Library

Welcome to the Eastern Washington University Library's 2nd Annual Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: The Fires of Eastern!  As a community we will collaborate to write three articles on Wikipedia to tell the stories of three incredible fires that threatened campus: twice the university nearly closed!  Learn more about our history, and help to share it with our community for the future:

The goals of the this event are:

  • Create thorough, authoritative, and high quality Wikipedia pages about each of the campus's three major fires
  • Learn about the history of Eastern Washington University and how it survived potential disasters
  • Learn about Wikipedia: how to edit it, how articles are created, what makes a good article


The design and layout of this guide, along with some of the materials about Wikipedia and contributing to Wikipedia, are based (with grateful permission) on a guide originally developed by Freeda Brook and Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.