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Communication Studies 201: Public Speaking for Chelan High School

Browse Possible Topics

Not sure what topic you want to research? Seeing a list sometimes helps!

Find Research on Your Topic

Keywords and Database Searching

Keywords for Your Topic

Once you have determined your topic, use the topic to generate keywords to search the library article databases.

  • Example: How can forests be best managed to prevent forest fires?

Keywords from topic - think of synonyms for your keywords, or any specific methods of forest management you ran across during your preliminary research

  • Forest fires - wildfires
  • Prevent - reduce, minimize
  • Manage - management, prescribed burns

Don't feel like you have to spend a lot of time on synonyms. The library databases will help you determine other useful keywords.

Keywords to Search Terms

Use the Advanced Search (the default for EBSCOhost databases). This will help you break up your search.

screenshot of advanced search in library database Academic Search Ultimate

  • Put one concept per box. Use OR between the synonyms.
  • Put exact phrases "in quotes"
  • Use * to find any word beginning with the root form - manag* = manage, management, managing, etc.

If you have hundreds or thousands of results, use the limiters on the left to narrow the results.

Useful limiters:

  • Date
  • Source Types - can limit to scholarly sources, in EBSCOhost called Academic Journals
  • Subject or Subject: Major Heading - narrow by subject tags given to describe the article

Emailing Articles

Once you have found results you like, you can email the articles to yourself.

Looking at the Search Results with brief records of all of the results?

  1. Click the Folder icon on the right to Save to a Folder.
  2. Once you have marked all the ones you want, click Go to: Folder View on the far right.
  3. Click Select / deselect all, then E-mail on the far right.
  4. Under Include when sending, click Citation Format and choose MLA 9th.

Looking at one full record?

  1. Click E-mail on the far right.
  2. Under Include when sending, click Citation Format and choose MLA 9th.

Saving Articles

If you are on your personal computer, you can directly download the PDF once you have opened it.

To get the MLA citation, you must be viewing the full record, and then click Cite on the far right. Choose MLA and copy/paste.

Is there a URL for the article?

In EBSCOhost databases, do not use the URL for the page in the browser! This is not a stable URL.

Instead, you can copy/paste the Permalink for the record for the article.

You must be viewing the full record, and then click Permalink on the far right and copy/paste.

screenshot of a full record in EBSCOhost

screenshot of the permalink URL in EBSCOhost