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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

English 344: Survey of American Lit II

Find Journal Articles

These three databases are your best bets for literary criticism. I would search them in this order, with ProQuest first and MLA last. (MLA is the most frustrating one to use, so I'd save that for last.)

If you scroll down this page, I have search hints for each database.

Searching JSTOR

JSTOR is different from the others in that it is automatically searching the entire text of the journal articles. If you have specific search terms, this is great. But if you have more general terms, you'll get too many results. And there aren't that many useful limiters to narrow the results.

Ways to Narrow

  1. In the Advanced Search, under NARROW BY: and ITEM TYPE, click Articles -- this will eliminate book reviews
  2. Narrow to a particular date range, but only if you desire. Remember, these articles can go back to the 19th century. Useful if you want to see how a work was received closer to the time it was originally written, rather than recent analysis.
  3. Scroll down and you'll see JOURNAL FILTER - NARROW BY DISCIPLINE AND/OR JOURNAL -- you can limit to just the 400+ Language & Literature journals.