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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

Film History

For FILM 465 and FILM 466

Find Journal Articles

Suggested databases for finding scholarly articles on your film.

Other Disciplines

Want to find articles from other disciplinary perspectives (sociology, psychology, history, etc.)? JSTOR has journals from virtually all disciplines, but you can also search subject specific databases. Go to Databases A-Z and choose a subject.

Find Academic Books

Search Hints

Be general when looking for books. Try the name of the film first, but if you aren't finding anything, try the director or film genre.

How do you know if it is a scholarly book? 

  1. Note the publisher. If it is from a university press, such as University of Chicago Press or [insert name of university] press, it is highly likely to be scholarly. But there are lots of publishers that publish scholarly books, not just university presses.
  2. Note the author's credentials. Is the author a professor or a film critic? The former is more likely to be writing a scholarly book, but film critics do occasionally as well.
  3. Is there a bibliography? If there aren't references, it definitely isn't scholarly.

Need a tutorial on searching the EWU Library Catalog? See Help Searching the EWU Library Catalog.