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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries


This guide is intended to help you with your GeoScience Research

Where to Find Books In the Library

Books are great resources for research, whether they are E-Books or in physical form. I am happy to help you find books or show you how to search the library catalog and shelves. Please feel free to reach out to me at: or visit our tutorials at:

Resources for Geography

If you would like to browse the library shelves or catalog yourself, here are the call number ranges where you can find all sorts of geography resources:

  • G1-922                        Geography (General)
  • G1000-3122                Atlases
  • G3180-9980                Maps
  • GA101-1776                Cartography
  • GB3-5030                    Physical geography
  • GC1-1581                    Oceanography
  • GE1-350                      Environmental sciences
  • GF1-900                       Human ecology

Resources for Geology

The Library of Congress Call Number that is used to find materials for Geology is QE. You can select here to browse the materials we have in the catalog.

Resources for Environmental Science

If you would like to look at what both online and physical Environmental Science resources are in the library catalog, select here.

The call number range that is used to find books or other resources on the shelf is GE for basic Environmental Sciences or you can look in the call number range S for agricultural resources. Here is a look at the physical materials we have in the library for Environmental Science.