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Physical Education 522: Risk Management Sport & School Law

Public Laws & Codes

While you don't need this information to complete the assignments for this class, for completeness sake I have this information.

From the Court Case in Nexis Uni

 Citations to relevant federal laws and regulations are hyperlinked. Look for the following:

  • # USC # or # USCS # or # USCA #) -- This is the most common, the citation for the U.S. Code, or the federal laws arranged by subject; Nexis Uni uses # USCS # because it is the name of their annotated version (United States Code Service).
  • # Pub. L # or # PL # -- This is a citation to an individual law (Public Law).
  • # Stat. # -- On the off-chance you run into this... This is the citation to Statutes at Large, or the Public Laws in chronological sequence.
  • # CFR # -- This is the citation to the Code of Federal Regulations, or the agency's laws.

Note: Not all the hyperlinks work. We have not purchased all the services Nexis Uni sells, so you may get a "No documents found" if it is trying to link to a service we do not have access to.

Look for a Specific Law

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