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Eastern Washington University Libraries

Political Science 100

Recommended Resources for Background Information

  • Articles are around 20 pages offering a solid overview of the issue, with lots of references at the end.
  • Each article includes a Pro/Con section, where spokespersons offer two different perspectives on a more specific aspect of the larger issue, such as "Will the Financial Protection Bureau benefit consumers?" within the article on "Financial Misconduct". (If the article is older than 1992, there is no Pro/Con section.)
  • The database goes back to 1923, so you can quickly learn how your issue has been viewed over time.

Hints for Searching CQ Researcher

  • Think of CQ Researcher as being similar to a good Wikipedia entry. It offers a general overview of the political issue, while trying to maintain a balanced point of view.
  • Articles have extensive bibliographies and suggested readings at the bottom.
  • Type in your general topic, one word or a simple phrase, in the yellow search box at the top of the screen.
  • When reviewing the results, note the date of the article. Ideally, you want an article that is extremely relevant and recently written. To view the article, click on the title in large, black font. If the article is only somewhat related, note the other similar articles in the Issue Tracker box on the right side of the screen. These are by date, most recent first. If you find an article you like, you can email it to yourself via the link at the top.