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Help Generating a MLA 8th Citation & RefWorks

Note that you will have to make modifications to the results to comply with MLA in español, such as changing the capitalization and changing Works Cited to Bibliografía.

Here are some methods to generate a basic MLA citation of a specific book or article. Be sure to double-check the citation for accuracy! You still need to know MLA 8th style.

Useful websites for MLA 8th edition:


Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Copy/paste the title of the book or article into the Google Scholar search box above. (I would suggest the "title of the work" in quotes, and if the title isn't long, last name of the first author ) If Google Scholar has a record for it, look for the Google Scholar icon for cite a source - end quotation markjust below the citation or abstract. This will bring up a generated citation. You can copy/paste the citation, or you can send it to RefWorks.


EWU Library Catalog

The EWU Library Catalog has a built-in citation function. Look for the icon quotation mark labeled Citation. You can also send the record to RefWorks.



RefWorks is a library resource that will generate the list of references as well as help with the in-text citations. It is well-integrated into our library databases, such as EBSCOhost databases and ProQuest. It isn't integrated into Redalyc and Dialnet. Thus using Google Scholar once you have identified the article or book.


Zotero is an alternative to RefWorks. It's a free, open-source citation management system. Desktop versions and plug-ins for browsers. Lots of built-in help under Documentation.

Cite a Website?

These are a couple of free online resources that will attempt to generate an MLA 8th citation from a URL. How much it can supply depends on how well the website was created using metadata. You'll still need to verify the capitalization, etc. for Spanish-language MLA.