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Eastern Washington University Libraries

Textbooks, eTextbooks & Course Reserves

Find Copies of Your Textbooks

EWU Libraries does not carry copies of all of the textbooks. But we may have a copy. 

Use the Eagle Store's Textbook webpage to see what textbooks are required in each course. While they do not sell print copies, they will give you options for etextbooks that are embedded in your Canvas course, or rent/buy an etextbook, or buying print copies via Amazon, Alibris, etc.

Search the EWU Library Catalog to see if we have a copy of your textbook, or if it is in Summit and you can request it. 

Type in the title of the book and the last name of one of the authors. Or you may search by ISBN. Note the edition or publication year of the book, if you get multiple results.

Print Versions

If we have a print copy, it will state the location. Most common are:

  • EWU - Cheney Main Level Circulation Desk Reserve - ask for it at the Circulation Desk 
  • EWU - Cheney Upper Level Book Stacks
  • EWU - Cheney Lower Level Book Stacks
  • EWU - Cheney Lower Level Curric Center - the Curriculum Center in the basement, past the Equipment Checkout desk

If we don't have a copy, but you can request a copy in Summit, it will state Check Request Options - Held by Summit Libraries. You'll need to sign into the Catalog to request, then click Place Summit request (4-8 days). We'll email you when the book is available for you.

eBook Versions

If we have it as an ebook, it will state Online Access or Full text Available. See Help with eBooks for more info on viewing and downloading ebooks.

My Textbook Isn't in the EWU Library Catalog

You can request it via Interlibrary Loan. You can either:

  • Search for the textbook in WorldCat, and use the red button Request Item through Interlibrary Loan
  • Go to Interlibrary Loan, log in using your EWU login/password, click the red Create Request button and fill out the form.

Note: While we will try to borrow a copy for you, many new editions of textbooks aren't available, because if the library bought a copy, they have it on reserve for their own students.