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eTextbooks & EWU Libraries

The library may or may not be able to purchase your textbook as an ebook. There are a number of factors, based mostly on the publisher. 

  • Some publishers, namely Pearson, Cengage, McGraw-Hill, do not market their textbooks as ebooks to libraries. 
  • Some do not offer them for simultaneous usage.
  • Some aren't available on a platform we already have licensed.

eBooks at EWU Libraries

EWU Libraries may already have a copy of your textbook, or you can search our eBooks by subject.

Purchasing eTextbooks

Would you like the library to try and purchase ebook versions of your required textbooks? Please fill out this form by Friday, December 16th for winter quarter or spring semester.

Textbook Info for the Library 

We will let you know if we are able to purchase a copy for your entire class.

Results of our Pilot Project Spring 2022

We piloted purchasing textbooks last spring with grant money. Out of the 46 textbooks the instructors told us they were assigning, we were able to purchase 4 as ebooks, and we already had access to 8. Those 12 titles were access 3,914 times, with a library cost per use between 25 cents to $2.90. And the students saved between $25 to $119.