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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

100 Years of ASEWU: Eastern's 5th Annual Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Secondary Sources: University History Resources

The Chronology of the History of Eastern Washington University consists of important events throughout the university's history.

Primary Sources: Course Catalogs

The course catalogs provide information on courses, degree requirements, student groups, and university policies.

Copies of the Eastern Washington University Course Catalogs can be found here:

The catalogs with the most relevance to the ASEWU are the links below. 

Primary Sources: Newspaper Articles

The Eastern Washington University student newspaper was first published in the fall of 1916 as the State Normal School Journal. The paper covered events on campus and included updates from student government and organizations. In 1951, the paper was renamed the Easterner and maintained the same purpose as its predecessor, the Journal.

Eastern Washington University Student Newspapers,

Primary Sources: Student Handbooks

The student handbook, "The Red Book" and eventually "The Pathfinder," were booklets for new students that contained information on the student government and council, university life, clubs and activities, the Code of Ethics and sometimes contained the ASEWU constitution.