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Access Databases from Off-Campus

Access Databases from Off-Campus

All of our databases may be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet, with your NetID username and password. This username/password is the same one that you use to log into campus computers, the wireless network, NetStorage,etc.

  • For students, your username is usually the first letter of your first name, your last name, and may include the last 2 digits of your EagleCard number.
  • For faculty/staff, your username and password are the same ones you use to access EWU email.

If you have not created your password, go to See NetID Account for more information.

If you have problems logging in, see below.

Troubleshooting Off-Campus Connections to Databases

NOTE: If you can access one database, but not another (such as EBSCOhost databases are working fine, but you cannot access ProQuest databases), please contact the Reference Desk at Ask a Librarian. We need to know when specific databases are not working!

1.  Have you created a NetID/Single Sign On password? (Your EagleNET PIN will not work.)

Yes!  Proceed to question 3.

No. Please go to to verify your username and set a password. See IT Support Solutions for more information

2.  Did you recently change your password?

Yes! Proceed to question 4.

No. Then there is something wrong with your password, such as it expired (password is good for only 120 days), or something is wrong with your account. To change your password, go to For further help with your account, contact the IT Help Desk.

3.  Did you connect to the EWU Libraries authentication page, pictured below?

Authentication page for accessing databases from off-campus

Yes! Type in your NetID and password.

No. There are a few possible reasons why you are not seeing the page above. Try clearing out your cookies and your cache. But don't disable cookies entirely! Your computer must be able to accept all cookies for this service to work. To change the cookies setting, under Tools or Options in your browser, look for the Privacy or Security tab.

4.  Can you access Canvas or another resource that required you to log in with your NetID

5.  Do you have your cookies disabled or limited on your Internet browser?

Your computer must be able to accept all cookies for this service to work. To change the cookies setting, under Options in your browser, look for the Privacy or Security tab.

6.  Does your browser block pop-up windows?

Some of our databases require pop-up windows. Changing your browser settings to allow pop-ups may solve the problem.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

  • Always use the links to databases from the library website. If you are seeing a login screen for the specific database, rather than the one pictured above, then you are using the wrong URL/web address to access the database
  • Do not go to Google and type in ProQuest, JSTOR, etc. Google links to databases are not tailored to EWU access.
  • If you are using a Bookmark or Favorite, it may not have saved the correct URL. If you want a stable link to bookmark, go to the Databases A-Z list and use the ones that begin
  • Firewall issues at workplaces. If you are at work, your workplace may have a firewall that is blocking access to our EZProxy proxy server. Contact your systems administrator and ask if they can allow access to
  • Firewall issues at home. If you have locked down your own computer or network, you will have to allow access to our EZProxy proxy server. If you do not know how to do this, contact the IT Help Desk.
  • Network or server is temporarily unavailable. Contact the Reference Desk at Ask a Librarian to find out if we are having networking issues.

If none of the above suggestions are helping, please try re-booting your computer. If you are still having difficulty accessing the online electronic resources remotely please call Justin Otto at 509-359-7048 or e-mail [].