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Library Resources for Teaching American History: Grand Coulee Dam & NW Culture and Economies

This guide is to provide access to resources which will be useful to teachers of U.S. History at all grade levels.

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Selected Articles

Numerous articles about the construction of Grand Coulee Dam and its effect on the region have been published.  The ones listed below are only a very small selected group of articles which may be of use.  Researchers are strongly encouraged to utilize on-line data bases for their search for scholarly articles on the impact of Grand Coulee Dam on the people, economy, and ecology of the region. 

Allen, Cain.  "Replacing Salmon"  Oregon Historical Quarterly, vol. 108, 2007.

Chase, Stuart, "Great Dam,"  Atlantic Monthly, CLXII, pp. 593-599, 1938. 

Loo, T. and M. Stanley, "An Environmental History of Progress:  Damming the Peace and Columbia Rivers," The Canadian Historical Review, 92,3 pp. 399-426, 2011. 

Ray, Verne F., "Native Villages and Groupings of the Columbia Basin,"  Pacific Northwest Quarterly, vol 27, no. 2 (April, 1936):  99-152.