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Research Guides

Eastern Washington University Libraries

Library Resources for Teaching American History: Grand Coulee Dam & NW Culture and Economies

This guide is to provide access to resources which will be useful to teachers of U.S. History at all grade levels.

Archival Collections (Primary Sources)

SPC 972-0006.  Washington Water Power Co.  Records.  Contains material on the issues surrounding hydroelectric power generation in the inland northwest, including the controversy over private versus public development of these resources, and some public utility district elections in the region.  Background material on the feasibility of constructing a dam at Grand Coulee are contained.

SPC 976-0027.  H. K. Hossom Papers.  Includes materials gathered by Dr. Hossom on one of the public utility district elections held in eastern Washington. 

SPC 976-0030.  John Fahey Papers.  A small portion of the Fahey papers seals with his research on the Spokane tirbe.  Most of Mr. Fahey's papers are held by the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, in Spokane, Washington. 

SPC 980-0122.  Alexander Joss Papers.  Includes several photographs of wheat harvesting in the Columbia Basin in the 1930s. 

SPC 982-0163.  Edmund T. Becher Papers.  Mr. Becher taught history in the Spokane public schools, and gathered extensive files of notes on regional history. 

SPC 988-0293.  Otis W. Freeman Papers.  Dr. Freeman taught geography and geology at the Cheney State Normal School / Eastern Washington College of Education (EWU).  His dissertation was on the human geography of the channeled scablands, he thanks J. Harlan Bretz for his assistance in the acknowledgements.  Dr. Freeman's teaching and research materials held include nearly 300 glass lantern slides, including many of the Grand Coulee area in the 1920s, before work began on Grand Coulee Dam. See:

SPC 988-0492.  U. S. Army Fort Colville Records.  A small collection of two folders of letter book pages found in one of th former post buildings after it was sold to civilian settlers. 

SPC 006-0628.  Hubert "Hu" Blonk Papers.  Mr. Blonk started his journalism career at the newspaper in Grand Coulee, Washington, but soon moved on to the Wenatchee Daily World, where he remained until his retirement as managing editor.  He covered the construction of Grand Coulee Dam for the World.  His files include his own photographs and negatives, and numerous prints of government photographs documenting the construction fo the dam. See: 

SPC 008-0667.  Dale F. Stradling Papers.  Professor Stradling taught geography at Eastern Washington State College / EWU.  Among his research materials are 35 mm slides of the physical geography of the upper Columbia region. 

SPC 012-0704.  Roy Dimond Collection.  Mr. Dimond's father worked on Grand Coulee Dam, and preserved a set of the employee newsletter produced by Mason Walsh Atkinson Keir (MWAK), the consortium which acted as the general contractor on the project. The collection consists of a complete set of the MWAK Columbian. For a digitized set of the Columbian, scanned from the Dimond Collection and the Beaty Papers, see:

SPC 013-0711.  Michael J. Denuty Papers.  Mr. Denuty graduated from EWSC (EWU) with a journalism degree.  His passion was railroad history.  His papers include an extensive collection of notes, documents, post cards, and historic photos from the 1880s to the 1930s, plus his own photographs documenting railroad development and operations in the region spanning 1964 - 2010.  This collection has not been fully processed, but a limited number of images are on line.