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English 250: Introduction to Genre

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

Find Biographical Info and Standard Literary Criticism

The library has a number of reference works online and in print that offer biographical information and general interpretations of major works. Gale Literary Sources is the largest online collection, but I have listed a few others to give you a taste of what we have in the Reference collection in the JFK Library.

Keeping Up with What Was Published on X Author

Find Background Info for History, Culture, etc.

If you'd like an overview of an event or culture. Think Wikipedia-like, but entries are written by scholars. We have a number of specialized encyclopedias in print as well -- ask Ielleen for recommendations.

But I'd rather watch a video...

For contemporary authors, you can easily find interviews, readings, or talks given via YouTube

We also have a database with thousands of documentaries.

Resources for Critical Theories, Literary Terms, Etc.

We have a mix of eBook and print reference books for defining critical theories, literary terms, etc. 

Print Reference Works