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Research Guides

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FYE It's Been a Long Time Comin': Voices Impacting Change

Dr. Sheila Woodward ITGS 110

Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Find Information from Professional Associations

Your person is probably affiliated with a particular organization. Just google the name to find their homepage, then explore the site to locate a report or an extensive webpage on a relevant topic to your person.

If your person isn't part of a good professional organization, try: 

Search for an article on your issue, then click the Contacts section of the article. (See below for a screenshot of the one for homelessness.)

Still not finding an organization?

Try searching google like so:

("association" OR "society") [insert your social issue]

Academic organizations are almost always labeled Association of Something, Something Association, or Society of Something, so use those terms as keywords in your search. (The quotation marks require the word appear in the results.)

Contacts list for homelessness in CQ Researcher

Research Log

For your research log, you need to discuss:

Describe how you went about finding your sources.

  • For articles, note the name of the database you searched, the keywords you used, and how you went about limiting or narrowing your results. Discuss how you found the full text of the articles.
  • For the professional reports and websites of professional organizations, discuss how you found them. Did you use CQ Researcher or Google? What keywords did you use? How did you evaluate from all of the results to choose the ones you ended up using?

Show that you distinguished between scientific knowledge claims and those that are not scientific. 

Discuss what made the evidence in the scholarly articles and professional reports scientific.

  • Was a study conducted? What kind of study? How many people were involved?
  • Were the results analyzed mathematically or statistically? Were the results statistically significant?
  • Was the study qualitative and the authors carefully and deeply analyzed the responses?
  • Was the evidence in the articles or reports more cursory or anecdotal, in that there was no deep analysis of the evidence?
  • Were multiple studies analyzed for similarities and differences in the results?

Discuss primary reference sources and those that are not.

Discuss the differences in the peer-reviewed journal articles and the professional reports. 

  • Use of evidence?
  • Depth of analysis?
  • Style or tone of the writing?
  • ???
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