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Library 101 Tutorial

For English 101 Basic information about library research

Find an Article When You Have Citation Information

There are two ways to locate the full article if you have citation information (such as one of the references in an article).

1. Try looking for the article in the EWU Library Catalog

The EWU Library Catalog knows about millions of articles, so the odds are good (but not 100%) that it will find a record for your article and tell you if we have it online, in paper, or if you'll have to do an Interlibrary Loan. Just go to the EWU Library Catalog and copy/paste the title of the article you want, and check the box in the upper right Include results with no full text.

2. If the first step doesn't work, then you need to see if we have the source (journal, magazine, newspaper) of the article

Journal Search -- Alphabetical list of the journals, magazines and newspapers we have online in our databases, as well as what we have in print or microfilm in the library.

If we do not have the periodical you are looking for, you may request specific articles via Interlibrary Loan.