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Eastern Washington University Libraries

Music 461: Vocal Pedagogy

For Dr. Nicole Sonbert

Voice Call Numbers to Browse

Sheet Music

Secular Vocal Music

M1500: Operas & Musicals, full score

M1503: Operas & Musicals, piano-vocal score

M1505 - M1508: Opera & Musical excerpts (full score, piano-vocal score)

M1510 - M1527: Other dramatic works (e.g., film)

M1529 - M1529.5: Duets, trios, etc.

M1611 - M1618: Songs with orchestral accompaniment 

M1619 - M1998: Songs with non-orchestral accompaniment or no accompaniment

M1619 - M1620: Collections of songs

M1621 - M1621.3: Separately published songs

M1621.4: Song cycles

M1990 - M1998: Secular music for children

Sacred Vocal Music

M2018 - M2019.5: Duets, trios, etc.

M2102 - M2108: Songs with orchestra accompaniment (full scores, piano-vocal versions, arrangements)

M2110 - M2196: Songs with non-orchestral accompaniment or no accompaniment

M2110 - M2112: Collections of songs

M2113 - M2113.2: Separately published songs

M1621.4: Song cycles

M2190 - M2196: Sacred vocal music for children



ML128.S2: Sacred vocal music bibliographies

ML128.V7: Vocal music bibliographies


​ML1400 - ML1460: General works, vocal music by period, vocal technique

Secular Vocal Music

ML1600 - ML2881: Books on secular vocal music by historical period and region, song forms/types, cantatas, solo songs, part songs

Sacred Vocal Music

ML2900 - ML3275: Books on sacred vocal music by historical period and region, forms and types 

Studies & Methods

MT820 - MT823: General singing technique (physiology, voice care, history of vocal studies)

MT825 - MT853: Methods, by language

MT855 - MT916: Specific techniques/skills

MT870: Sight-singing

MT875: Chorus/part-singing

MT883: Diction

MT898: Vocal techniques for children

Professional Organizations