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This guide is for Spanish 320, 321, and 491, to aid in locating sources in Spanish.

The Article You Want is Not Full Text in the Database

Step 1: Try Googling It

Since there has been a large push to put Spanish-language journal articles online, try Google. Copy the title of the article you want and paste it in the Google search box. If the title is short, add the author (or the first author if there is more than one).

If the article is available full text online, it's very likely to be in the first 10 results in Google. Google is excellent at finding specific information if you type in really specific information!

But do double-check that it really is a published journal article, and not a draft of the article.

  • Ignore Word documents -- look for PDFs.
  • Look for the name of the journal it was published in at the bottom of the page. There is usually citation information at the bottom (volume, issue, page numbers.)
  • Look at the page numbers of the PDF. They ought to reflect the published version of the article. For instance, if the article was published in the journal pages 570-595, then the PDF pages should have those page numbers at the bottom, and not start with page 1.
Google Web Search

Step 2: Double-Check EWU Access

EWU Library Catalog Title Search -- Search to see if we have a particular periodical (journal, magazine or newspaper) online, in print or microfilm. Type in the name of the journal, magazine or newspaper in the box where it says "revista." (Just erase and type in your title.)

  • Online access = we have the title online. Just click Online access to see a list of databases with date ranges. Click on the name of the database to view the journal.
  • Available at = we have it physically (in print and/or microfilm). Note the location and the call number. Click Available at to view the years we have available.

E-Journals -- Alphabetical list of the journals, magazines and newspapers we have online in our databases. It will not show if we have it in print or microfilm in the library.

Still Don't Have It? Step 3: Interlibrary Loan

If we do not have the periodical you are looking for, you may request specific articles via Interlibrary Loan. If you located the article via one of the free databases, you'll have to copy/paste the information about the article in a blank Request Article form. Give it a few days.

Video Demo for Finding the Full Text