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Searching Google Scholar

Connecting Google Scholar Results to EWU Full Text Holdings

You will need to go into Google Scholar settings to link the Google Scholar results to EWU's full text holdings.

Step 1: In Google Scholar, click Settings on the top of the screen. (If you don't see Settings, click More.) Note: If you are using your personal computer, sign in first, so that it will save your settings.

Google Scholar

Step 2: Click Library links on the left (or top if your window is small).

Google Scholar settings

Step 3: Type in Eastern Washington University, then check the box for Eastern Washington University - Find It @ EWU. (You can uncheck the default Open WorldCat.) Click the Save button.

Now when you do a search in Google Scholar, you will see a link Find It @ EWU on the far right of the brief record. So for the article below, the link does take you to the full text of the article, though it's a rather poor quality scan. But the Find It @ EWU also will link you to the version we have paid for in American Chemical Society Journals.

Google Scholar search results

Searching Google Scholar

Be specific! Google is looking for your keywords through the entire text of the articles.

  • Put exact phrases "in quotes" -- "genetically modified organisms"
  • To refine your search, there is an Advanced Search function. On the upper left corner, next to the My Citations button there is a button with a down arrow. Click that and you'll see Advanced Search.

Advanced Search button

With Advanced Search, you can limit by date and also limit your keywords to the title of the article ("where my words occur"), rather than the full text of the article. Since scholarly articles tend to have lengthy titles with lots of the key terms in it, this works pretty well as a limiter.

Google Search advanced search