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Lesson Planning in the Curriculum Center

An online version of the lesson planning binder in EWU's Curriculum Center, pointing you to good resources for planning lessons and units for K-12 instruction using the materials found here in the JFK Library.

Children's Literature Types



Preschool, Kindergarten (K)

Primary Readers (Grades 1-3)

Middle Readers (Grades 4-8)

Young Adult (Grades 7-12)



Board Book

Picture Book [Wordless, Illustrated, Photographic]

Interactive [with Movable Pages (Movable), Flaps, Pop-up, Die-Cuts, 3D]

Chapter Book, Novel [Fiction or non-fiction books with text divided by chapters, some may have illustrations]

Collection [Short Stories, Poetry, Plays, Cartoons, Biographies]

Graphic Book [Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Cartoon Collections, Manga/Anime]

Bilingual [Books with text presented in multiple languages]

Reference Book [Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Dictionaries, Guides, Manuals, Fact Books]

Young Reader's Edition [An adult book adapted for younger readers]

Curricular Resource [Textbooks, Hands-on Activities, Experiments, Projects or Lessons for Teachers and Students]



Informational: Books that present general knowledge or facts about a specific subject

      [Subgenres: Alphabet, Counting, Math, Science, Geography, Art, Visual...]

Biography: Books that present the lives of real people 

      [Subgenres: Autobiography, Journals or Diaries, and Letters, Fictional Biography]

Educational: Books that present concepts or skills with step-by-step instructions, hands-on activities, or experiments

      [Subgenres: Cookbook, Arts and Crafts, Science Experiments, Games] 

Multicultural: Books that focus on cultures of people around the world, including immigrant and cross-cultural experiences (fiction or non-fiction)

Fiction / Realistic Fiction: Books that feature fictional characters in realistic situations, portray real emotions, or depict a contemporary setting

           [Subgenres: Mystery, Sports, Coming of Age, Survival] 

Historical Fiction: Books set in a particular time in the past, or written in a particular time in the past

            [Subgenres: Time Travel (Past), Fictional Biography, Mystery, Classic Literature] 

Fantasy: Stories with unrealistic settings; human, animal, or mythical characters; imaginary creatures; or magical or supernatural plot elements

            [Subgenres: Superheroes, Animal Story, Horror, Supernatural, Ghost Story, Magical Realism]

Science Fiction: Stories with elements of science or technology often are set in the future or in other realms 

            [Subgenres: Space Travel, the Future, Time Travel (Future), Technology, Dystopia]

Adventure: Books about traveling or going on a journey [It can be included in historical, realistic, fantasy, science fiction genres]

Folklore: Books about traditional or ancient stories, sometimes with a moral theme or message

           [Subgenres: Folktale, Fairy Tale, Fable, Animal Story, Origin Story, Myth, Legend, Tall Tale, Nursery Rhyme]

Literary Styles

Poetry [Subgenres: Rhyming Story, Free Verse, Novel in Verse, Haiku]

Drama [Subgenres: Play, Reader's Theater, Film Script]