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ARTH 331 - Contemporary Art - Artist and Artwork Research


Assignment 2.2—Find Images of Essential Artworks by your Artist (links to assignment in Canvas)

Assignment text from Canvas:  "In this assignment, you must find accurate reproductions of artworks by your artists. Your search should include the artist website (or its equivalent), Artstor, Grove Art Online, the exhibition website, and websites of other museums and galleries. You will select images of five essential artworks for your presentation from this bank of images that you are creating this week."

Your deliverable for the assignment is to submit an Artstor image group link in Canvas; the image group should include works by your artist.

Also remember that part of the Contemporary Artists: Bio, Sources, Artworks assignment is to submit reproductions of 5 essential artworks by your artist.  You should be amassing a bank of essential artwork images from various sources including Artstor, the artist's own website (or equivalent), Grove Art Online, the exhibition website, and other credible websites.


Step 1 - Locate Images in ArtStor

Tutorials on how to use Artstor are linked below.  Please note that these video tutorials are generic and not specific to this assignment.  If you have Artstor issues, please email me so I can troubleshoot them.  If you haven't used Artstor for a while your account may need to be reactivated.

Use the link to Artstor below to access the Artstor database:

Step 2 - Locate Images from Other Sources on the Web


  • Artist's website
    • In some cases, the artist's website is hosted by the gallery that represents the artist, or a major museum that owns a number of their works, or the artist’s foundation, if deceased.
  • Exhibition website
    • Remember assignment 1.4?  Use that link to locate images.
  • Grove Art Online
    • Remember assignment 1.1?  Use the link to the Grove Art entry to see if there are quality images embedded in the artist biographical entry.
  • Open Web
    • Tips on evaluating images on the open web coming soon!