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ARTH 331 - Contemporary Art - Artist and Artwork Research


Assignment 2.1—Find 3 scholarly articles (links to assignment in Canvas)

In this assignment, you must find three scholarly articles that feature discussions of your artist. The articles may focus on your artist, or include them as part of a broader discussion of contemporary art.  You will need to submit the permalink from the EWU Libraries catalog for each article.

Watch 2 videos tutorials:

  1. Overview of assignment, discussion of what "scholarly" means and how to evaluate articles for the assignment (video duration: 11 minutes)
  2. Demonstration of how to search, evaluate and access scholarly articles (video duration: 41 minutes) (use the "Contents" entries to navigate the sections of the video)

Use the link to the EWU Library Catalog below to start searching:

EWU Library Catalog

What is a Scholarly Article?

A scholarly article may be defined as one that has undergone some type of review process by experts in the field.  The two types of review are peer review and editorial review.

Type of info in scholarly articles:

  • Acquire context for artist
  • Info on artists as they become established (young artists will not have major shows and exhibition catalogs yet)
  • Focused treatment of an aspect of an artists’ work

How to assess/evaluate:

  • Type of review (quality control)
    • Peer-reviewed
    • Editorially-reviewed
  • Publication (who publishes it? How long has it been around?)
  • Publisher (motivation for publishing)
  • Author (potential bias? Area(s) of expertise?)
  • Article purpose:  
    • Acceptable for this assignment:  Exhibition review or feature article
    • Not acceptable for this assignment:  Exhibition notice (ie, name, dates, venue only)


For additional information on distinguishing scholarly articles, see the Distinguishing Scholarly Articles Research Guide.

Scholarly Journals in the Visual Arts

Art journals featuring scholarly articles (peer-reviewed or editorially-reviewed):

  • Afterimage
  • Aperture (photography)
  • ArtForum
  • Art in America
  • October
  • Third Text

A more exhaustive list of Visual Arts and Art Education titles is available on the Art Research Guide (note that the list is specific to titles available through the EBSCOhost Academic Search Ultimate database).