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How to use Summit Services

Extended Summit Services

EWU Library Extended Summit Services:

To meet the needs of our current EWU Spokane-based students, faculty and staff, whether you are a EWU online only student and/or are 25 miles or more outside of the Spokane/Cheney area (i.e. Bellevue), mail delivery options to either: home address, SIERR, or Catalyst-Health Sciences Building may be an option.  See Extended Summit criteria under Summit Services main tab.

Students - Mail-to-Home Option

While we are happy to accommodate you in this way, there is a limitation in how many items we can send in one quarter. We can send 4 items, per person per quarter to your home address once you have verified your mailing address with the Expanded Summit Services office.

When you are ready to return your item(s) either on or before your due date, please contact the Expanded Summit Services office to have a Fed Ex return label emailed to you to complete the return process. All notifications are sent to your email, so be sure to keep an eye out for any messages.

Just a few quick notes regarding due dates and possible renewals…

  • Due Dates: Please keep an eye on your due dates for items you’ve requested; it is your responsibility to renew/return when necessary. While this service is free to use, any items marked lost, damaged, and/or missing are subject to a fine. You can keep track of your due dates by logging into your library account (

  • Renewals: There is a 12-week checkout with an option for one 6-week renewal (unless the item has been recalled by the lending library) for each item. You can renew Summit/EWU item(s) via your library account: EWU Library Home Page-Account Login; however, it’s suggested to wait to renew until a few days before the actual due date, this way you don’t lose any additional check out time.

If you have any questions, you can email the EWU Library Expanded Summit Service Office at or call 509-359-2819.

Faculty & Staff  - *Mail stop delivery only applies to Spokane-based Faculty and Staff*

Current EWU faculty and staff requesting Interlibrary Loan (ILL), Summit and/or EWU-owned material can have requested items delivered once a week (Friday) to your Catalyst/HSB/SIERR mail stop.

As always, you are encouraged to come into the JFK Library and pick up item(s) that are time sensitive. If you have a class on campus, we highly suggest you come into the library to pick-up any and all materials you have requested.


  • The Catalyst/HSB/SIERR mail stop delivery only applies to Spokane-based Faculty and Staff.


  • Please include your mail stop in the notes field on the request.
  • All items will be delivered in secure packaging by our mail services department (i.e. box, sturdy mailers, etc.) to your mail stop on Friday.


  • Utilize the envelope or box or any secured packaging for returns;
  • Address to JFK Library MS100 (Attn: Interlibrary Loan/Summit Services) and use the EWU mail services drop
  • Alternatively, you can return borrowed items in person at the JFK Library/Cheney Campus

If you have any questions, you can email the EWU Library Expanded Summit Services office at or call 509-359-2819.

EWU-Bellevue *ending June 30th - see possible mail-to-home options after June 30th*

Current EWU students and faculty taking/teaching classes at Bellevue College can have the option to pick-up requested EWU and Summit materials at the Bellevue College location.

Reminder - Before submitting a EWU and/or Summit request, be sure to check our catalog first to double check that we don’t already have a physical copy and/or an eBook available for you to use.

  • When requesting materials for pickup at Bellevue be sure to choose the Bellevue option from the drop-down menu in your request form.


  • Keep in mind when requesting items for pickup at Bellevue, it may take a few extra days for your materials to arrive at that location, so plan accordingly.

  • A soon as the item is available for pickup, you will receive a notification in your email. Items requested are put on the hold shelf for 7 business days, after that they are returned and you will need to re-request that item. If you are unable to come in within that 7-day time frame, let the Summit Services office know and they may be able to extend that pickup date.

  • If for some reason your request is cancelled (this will sometimes happen if there are no libraries willing to loan the item), within the cancelation notification, you will receive a link to re-request through interlibrary loan. You can check the status of your request(s) in your library account, which you can find here:

If articles/chapter scan are needed, please submit a request through your interlibrary loan account here: – keeping in mind copyright guidelines

If you have any questions, you can email the EWU Library Expanded Summit Service Office at or call 509-359-2819.