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Research Guides

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Soc321, Sex and Gender

Research Suggestions

1. Begin with General Resources

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks whether in print or online.

2.  Journal and Magazine Articles

Scholarly articles are peer-reviewed and written by specialists/professionals in the discipline.  Articles are lengthier, more in-depth, and includes references/bibliography.  Many of our databases allow you to tag Scholarly articles to narrow your search to these sources.

Popular magazine articles are written for the layperson (general audience), tend to be short, don't use highly specialized language, and don't have references/bibiligraphies.  Newsweek or Time are good examples of a popular magazine.

See the the Find Articles tab to select appropriate databases for your research.

3. Sociology Information on the Internet

Caution!  If you use sources, be sure they are notable associations or university-based compilations.  Always check with your professor if you can use these for background information.

See the tab Internet Sources. 

Citation Styles

APA and MLA style manuals are availabe at the Reserve Desk (Circulation). 

The latest editon of the ASA citation style is the 4th edition, published in 2010.  A copy is on order.

Go to the tab ASA Citation Style for 4th edition-related help.