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Based on ASA Style Guide, 4th Edition, 2010

Book: Print (see pg. 99-100)

One Author:

Mason, Karen O. 1974. Women's Labor Force Participation and Fertility.
     Research Triangle Park, NC: National Institutes of Health.

Multiple Authors:

Edelman, Peter, Harry J. Holzer, and Paul Offner. 2006. Reconnecting
     Disadvantaged Young Men
. Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press.


McCullah, Peter and John A. Nedler. 1989. Generalized Linear Models.
     2nd ed. London, England: Chapman and Hall.


Gurr, Ted Robert, ed. 1989. Violence in America. Vol. 1, The History of
. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.


Barbagli, Marzio. 1982. Educating for Unemployment: Politics, Labor
     Markets, and the School System-Italy, 1959-1973
. Translated by
     R.H. Ross. New York: Colubmia University Press.

Lattimore, Richmond, trans. 1951. The Iliad of Homer. Chicago:
     University of Chicago Press.


Russell, Katheryn K., Heather L. Pfeifer, and Judith L. Jones, comp.
     2000. Race and Crime: Annotated Bibliography. Westport, CT:
     Greenwood Press.

Edited Volumes:

Leonard, Kimberly Kempf, Carl E. Pope, and William H. Feyerherm, eds.
     1995. Minorities in Juvenile Justice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

Koshar, Rudy, ed. 1990. Splintered Classes. New York: Holmes and Meier.

Book: Online (see pg. 105)

Pastore, Ann L., and Kathleen Maguire, eds. 2003. Sourcebook of Criminal
     Justice Statistics.
Retrieved June 30, 2006 (

Chapters from Books, Articles from Collected Works (see pg 101)

One Author:

Clausen, John A. 1972. "The Life Course of Individuals." Pp. 457-514 in
     Aging and Society. Vol. 3, A Sociology of Age Stratification, edited by
     M. W. Riley, M. Johnson, and A. Foner. New York: Russell Sage.

Multiple Authors:

Palacios, Wilson R., chinita Heard, and Dorothy L. Taylor. 2003. "At a
     Crossroad: Affirmative Action and Criminology." Pp. 415-29 in Crime
     Control and Social Justice: The Delicate Balance,
edited by D. F. Hawkins,
     S. L. Myers, Jr., and R. N. Stone. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Book Chapter with Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

Thomas, Yonette F.  2007. "Behavioral and Economic Perspectives in
     Drug Abuse Research." Pp. S1-S3 in Drug & Alcohol Dependence,
     Supplement 1, Vol. 90, edited by P. Schnur, and M. Y. Iguchi.
     doi:10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2007.05.002; (AN 25329802).

Articles from Journals: Print (see pg. 101)

One Author:

Gans, Herbert J. 2005. "Race as Class." Contexts 4(4):17-21.

Multiple Authors:

Kalleberg, Arne L., Barbara F. Reskin, and Ken Hudson. 2000. "Bad Jobs
     in America: Standard and Non-standard Employment Relations and
     Job Quality in the United States." American Sociological Review

Articles and Books from E-Resources (see pg. 106)

Scott, Lionel D., Jr. and Laura E. House. 2005. "Relationship of Distress
     and Perceived Control to Coping with Perceived Racial Discrimination
     among Black Youth." Journal of Black Psychology 31:254-72 (Retrieved
     from JSTOR on December 16, 2006.)

Articles that only exist Online (see pg. 106)

Schafer, Daniel W. and Fred L. Ramsey. 2003. "Teaching the Craft of Data
     Analysis." Journal of Statistics Education 11(1). Retireved December 12,
     2006 (

Articles from Newspapers and Magazines: Print (see pg. 102)


Guiles, Melinda and Krystal Miller. 1990. "Mazda and Mitsubisihi-Chrysler
     Venture Cut Output, Following Big Three's Lead." Wall Street Journal,
January 12, pp. A2, A12.


Anderson, Elijah. 1994. "The Code of the Streets." Atlantic Monthly, May
     1994, pp. 81-94.

Articles from Newspapers and Magazines: Online (see pg. 107)

Sampson, Robert J. 2006. "Open Doors Don't Invite Criminals." New York
, March 11. Retrieved March 11, 2006 (

Web Site (see pg. 108)

American Anthropological Association. 2006. "Race.: Retrieved December
     12, 2006. (

 Additional Sources:

 Check your ASA Manual for additional source types. 

  • A Work of Visual Art (Section 5.7.6, pg. 200)
  • An Interview (Section 5.7.7, pg. 201)
  • A Lecture, Speech, Address, or Reading (Section 5.7.11, pg. 203)
  • A Legal Source (Sections 5.7.14, pg. 205)

Source: ASA (American Sociological Association) style provided by McQuade Library